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Building a strong business case to drive

adoption and growth of GIS in the Middle East

GIS in the Middle East is nearing a point of maturity where professionals are looking to progress beyond data capture and management towards analysis and application. There are however still hurdles that are preventing further investment, which includes overall management buy-in, data quality and the ability to demonstrate a tangible return on investment.

IQPC is pleased to develop the 2nd annual GIS Forum MENA where experts from different industry verticals will meet to share case studies and best practice to support further advances in GIS development, with one common theme – developing a strong business case for GIS through exploring commercial applications and demonstrating ROI

Hear from key speakers including:

 Manaf Al Sada
Manaf Al Sada
Director, Centre for GIS
Urban Planning & Development Authority, Qatar
 Khalid A Hameed Al Hammadi
Khalid A Hameed Al Hammadi
Chief Geographic Information System
Central Informatics Organisation, Bahrain
 Pakrad Balabanian
Pakrad Balabanian
GIS Team Leader
Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC)
Dr. Mahmoud Alhader
Dr. Mahmoud Alhader
Asset Information Section Head
Al Ain Distribution Company
 Steven Ramage
Steven Ramage
 Younes Al Baloushi
Younes Al Baloushi
GIS Specialist
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Why attend?

Gain insight from top government organisations leading the development of GIS in the Middle East and discover how you can be part of this development

Less talk and more walk – hear directly from the organisations who are developing and using GIS platforms.

Join industry peers as they seek to develop best practice in GIS development, assess the latest technologies and help you to discover new opportunities

It is all about information sharing – the Middle East’s only forum dedicated to strategic and commercial development of GIS helping you get buy-in from the people that matter most

Facilitating cross sector learning and knowledge share to give you insights into how GIS is being used in other sectors and how it can be applied in your field

Who should attend? 

  • Heads of Data or Information Management
  • GIS Units Heads
  • GIS Project Leaders
  • Heads of Engineering 
  • VP/Heads of Planning 
  • Geospatial and data management specialists
  • GIS Advisors